About the Physios

Jenny van Leeuwen

My passion is helping people to get better. My special interest lies in the treatment of Lymphoedema and Women’s Health.

September 2017 and it’s been a fabulous year so far …

  • I’ve updated my Lymphoedema therapy skills with the Advanced Lymphoedema Management Courses through the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

  • I’ve acquired Lorenzo – the MLS M6 Robotic Laser. Lorenzo is proving to be of great benefit to patients by relieving pain, inflammation, swelling, as well as wound healing.

  • We are now offering Men’s Health treatments. Craig – our wonderful musculo-skeletal/sports physio – has completed his post graduate study in Men’s Health, Wellness and Sexual Function.

  • Our Pilates Studio is humming along beautifully.
    Sadly, Kristina left in June to join her family’s Glass business.
    Happily for us, our fabulous receptionist Judi was already on the verge of completing her BASI Pilates certification.

“You will never be as young as you are today, so choose today to make the most of being you … do all you can to be the best YOU possible and the fabulous team at Physio By Jenny will do our best to help you along the way” Warmest regards, Jenny

Jenny Van Lueewan


Craig has recently added “Men’s Health” to his already abundant Physio toolbox. He has updated his Men’s Health Therapy skills through the ‘Male Health Wellness and Sexual Function’ course provided through the APA Craig’s qualifications include:

  • BSc (Biochem)

  • Dip Physio

  • Adv Dip Physio ( Manual Therapy)

  • Adv Dip Manip Therapy

  • APA Titled Sports Physio

  • APA Titled Musculo-Skeletal Physio

He is passionate about treating necks, backs and sports injuries. His assessment is precise and his treatments are thorough providing the best possible outcome for his patients.

About Us

When I chose to study physiotherapy at UQ, my mother’s words of wisdom were “you’ll always have something to fall back on  …” She was right in a way, (she’s never wrong) however, I’ve never fallen backwards (not career wise anyway) conversely over the years I’ve constantly dived forwards into many diverse avenues of physio which have taken me to various parts of this wonderful country and others.

 In 2006 I opened my private practice in Caloundra, Qld. From it’s infancy in a renovated studio adjacent a doctor’s practice, “Physio by Jenny” has come of age – 12 years! We now operate from a beautifully appointed cottage in Fourth Avenue, Caloundra. It is welcoming and comforting for our clients. The general consensus is that the vibes at Physio by Jenny are relaxing and peaceful. Every day it’s a joy for me to be a part of the team of happy, motivated and highly skilled allied health professionals at Physio by Jenny. It’s a rare and precious thing to find such a bunch of big-hearted individuals with like-minded passion and purpose for helping others to feel better.

In 2011 our beautiful Pilates studio came to be. Complete with quality Pilates equipment. Pilates offers a natural progression from Physiotherapy treatments.

Our Receptionists

Meet Deb and Judi

Deb and Judi job share. These are the first smiling faces you see as you walk through our door. They are efficient multi taskers, focusing on fulfilling the needs of our clients. Deb & Judi are able to help with any scheduling or billing needs as well as cheerfully provide an ear, a shoulder or a cup of tea … whatever is needed.



Our Pilates Instructors

We continue to be involved in courses run through the Pilates Alliance Australasia updating our skills and keeping abreast of changes and recommendations within the Pilates industry.


Jenny is a BASI certified Pilates instructor. Based on the fundamental principles of the founder of Pilates – Joseph Pilates – the Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI) form of Pilates provides a complete, well balanced exercise experience.

Judi is a warm, energetic and enterprising young woman with a passion for Pilates. Recently completing her BASI Pilates instructing course, Judi has gone on to complete a Therapeutic Yoga workshop and is will soon complete her Studio Pilates certification. “I fell in love with Pilates from my very first class with Jenny. I am excited by the benefits it brings and seeing the results in others is amazing!!” Judi

Su is a certified Pilates instructor through Stott and Pilates Institute Australia. Su comes to us with years of experience as an instructor of Pilates and Ballet with a palpable passion for precision of movement ensuring our clients gain maximum benefit from each session. Su’s forte encompasses a broad range of clientele from aspiring ballerinas and moto-x riders to rehabilitating tradesman and those now in their eighties who at one time aspired to do all of things and now want to stay safely on their feet.

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